Real Estate Services

Properties listed for sale under an exclusive listing agreement with Plantation Services receive the highest priority and marketing effort to produce maximum return to the landowner.

In addition to conventional marketing, word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied clients and contacts provides a rich source of prospects for land purchases. The company's expertise and credibility helps Plantation Services' brokers expose properties for sale to the largest number of qualified prospects.

Plantation Services offers landowners and investors a background of knowledge based on day-to-day contact with the market and accumulation of facts and figures spanning more than 60 years of activity. The firm is well-known by other brokers in the United States and abroad and works with them on a cooperative basis.

A wealth of information is available to Plantation Services clients, including:

  • The trend or outlook for future prices
  • The operating costs, and capital requirements for a property under consideration
  • The development costs for changing a property to a higher and better use
  • The local dealers, suppliers, and other agricultural related businesses and professionals a landowner should use.