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Market Reports

Market Report 2015

Press Releases

Plantation Photo Wins International Contest December 14, 2012
Alabama Plantation April 12, 2011
Nochaway Plantation October 1, 2010
Paul Dalton / Longbrow Plantation May 25, 2010
Plantation Photo Wins State Award September 21, 2009
Land Conservation: Great Albany Quail Plantations September 1, 2008
Carolina Hunting Plantation for lease February 1, 2007
Board Of Regents - Legends of Real Estate September 10, 2004
Annandale Plantation: Owner protects hunting retreat January 21, 2004
Mansfield Plantation: Mansfield Plantation back with family May 17, 2004
Brookland Plantation: Extreme Makeover June 20, 2004
Who's Who In Luxury Real Estate August 25, 2004
Annandale "Exceptional Estates for Sale" July 2003
Largest Plantation Sale Underway October 2000


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