South Carolina Properties

Buckfield Plantation 11,452 Acres Hampton & Jasper Counties, South Carolina
Chelsea Plantation 5,892.89 Acres Jasper County, South Carolina
St. Phillips Island 4,680 Acres Beaufort County, South Carolina
Silver Hill Plantation 2,557.7 Acres Georgetown County, South Carolina
Mulberry Plantation 1705 Acres Charleston, South Carolina
Woodside Plantation 967 Acres Hampton, South Carolina
Duharra Plantation 393.8 Acres Colleton County, South Carolina
Dry Creek Cattle Farm 195.28 Acres Saluda County, South Carolina
Salt Point Plantation (SOLD) 1032.39 Acres Near Charleston, South Carolina
Wimbee Creek Farm (SOLD) 109.75 Acres Beaufort County, South Carolina
Friendfield Plantation (SOLD) 765 Acres Georgetown, South Carolina
Cox Point (SOLD) 650 Acres Charleston Counties, South Carolina
Sheldon Plantation (SOLD) 577 Acres Beaufort County, South Carolina
The Sanders Farm (SOLD) 465 Acres Barnwell County, South Carolina
Brittan Point (SOLD) 255 Acres Charleston County, South Carolina
The Pineland Plantation (SOLD) 800 Acres Hampton County, South Carolina
Cuckolds Crossing (SOLD) 75 +/- Acres Colleton County, South Carolina
Hobonny Plantation (SOLD) 825.9 Acres Beaufort County, South Carolina
Davant Plantation (SOLD) 2040 Acres Jasper County, South Carolina
The Pineland Club (SOLD) 138.6 Acres Jasper County, South Carolina
Cook's Mountain (SOLD) 1131 Acres Near Columbia, South Carolina
Lakewood Plantation (SOLD) 2018.4 Acres Williamsburg County, South Carolina
Longbrow (SOLD) 730 Acres Colleton County, South Carolina
Saw Buck Plantation (SOLD) 1020 Acres Marion County, South Carolina
Carolina Plantation (LEASED) 1500 Acres Charleston & Georgetown Counties, South Carolina
Bennet's Branch (SOLD) 166.5 Acres Clarendon County, South Carolina
Woodie Hill (SOLD) 81 Acres Colleton County, South Carolina
Woodside Plantation (SOLD) 462 Acres Hampton County, South Carolina
Mansfield Plantation (SOLD) 893.4 Acres Georgetown County, South Carolina
Keller Farm (SOLD) 1,641 Acres Calhoun County, South Carolina
Part of Annandale Plantation (SOLD) 2685.5 Acres Georgetown County, South Carolina




Georgia Properties


Tarva Plantation 4968 Acres Near Albany, Georgia
Magnolia Plantation 4640 Acres Near Albany, Georgia
Kawikee Plantation 2590 Acres Stewart County, Georgia
Big Oak Forest 2400  Acres Camden County, Georgia
Fox Creek Plantation 2275+/- Acres Lee County, Georgia
Kawikee II - Six Tracts Six Tracts Stewart County, Georgia
Pine Ridge Farm North 525 Acres Near Valdosta, Georgia
Wallington Plantation 500 Acres Near Albany, Georgia
Pine Ridge South 328 Acres Near Valdosta, Georgia
Andell Farms Country Estate 250 Acres Early County, Georgia
Shallow Creek Farm 208+/- Acres Sumter County, Georgia
Flint River Woods 175  Acres Dougherty County, Georgia
Iris Court 18 Acres Colquitt County, Georgia
Lonely Horse Farm (SOLD) 30+/- Acres Near Americus Georgia
Big Creek Plantation (SOLD) 368 Acres Irwin County, Georgia
Twin Creeks Plantation (SOLD) 1553 Acres Calhoun County, Georgia
Owltama Farm (SOLD) 978.51 Acres Albany, Georgia
Gatewood Farms (SOLD) 1080 Acres Sumter County, Georgia
Pretty Pond Tract (SOLD) 84 Acres Turner County, Georgia
River Bend (SOLD) 840 Acres Albany, Georgia
Garrett Farms (SOLD) 462.73 Acres Berrien County, Georgia
Lake Philema Farms (SOLD) 207 Acres Americus, Georgia
Campbell Farms (SOLD) 1098 Acres Albany, Georgia
Deer-Turkey-Timberland (SOLD) 152+/-  Acres Webster County, Georgia
Two Bridges Farm  (SOLD) 303  Acres Sumter County, Georgia
Tallawahee Plantation  (SOLD) 1900  Acres Terrell County, Georgia
Tahlequah Farms  (SOLD) 520  Acres Thomasville, Georgia
Horseshoe Plantation (SOLD) 2000 Acres Montgomery County, Georgia
Chickasaw Hatchee Plantation (SOLD) 14,597 Acres Albany, Georgia (six of six tracts SOLD)
Timberbrook Farm (SOLD) 279.5 Acres Sumter County, Georgia
River South Plantation (SOLD) 1350 Acres Lanier County, Georgia
Round Pond Farm (SOLD) 483+/- Acres Calhoun and Early County, Georgia
Pineview (SOLD) 583 Acres Lee County, Georgia
Easterlin Farm (SOLD) 310  Acres Sumter County, Georgia
New Drayton Farm (SOLD) 535 Acres Crisp County, Georgia
Ivey Mill Plantation (SOLD) 543+/- Acres Terrell County, Georgia
Peafowl Farm (SOLD) 223 Acres Southwest, Georgia




Florida Properties


Big Oak Forest 2400  Acres Camden County, Georgia
River South Plantation (SOLD) 1350 Acres Lanier County, Georgia

Plantation Services has recently expanded its market to include the North Florida area. If you are thinking about buying or selling land here, we welcome the opportunity to talk with you. Please contact:




Alabama Properties

Plantation Services has recently expanded its market into Alabama. If you are thinking about buying or selling a farm or plantation here, we welcome the opportunity to talk with you. Please contact:

No Plantation Listings at the present time.




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Plantation Services Inc. specializes in real estate sales and management of farms, timber tracts, rural land and hunting plantations.
These southern plantations comprise thousands of acres and are some of the most beautiful estates anywhere. Sportsmen from
around the world visit to hunt deer, doves, turkeys, ducks, and especially bob white quail.

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